Vegetarian Dishes

Kik Wot
Spot yellow peas with turmeric, ginger and green chili


 Misir Wot

Spicy red lentils simmered in the chef’s special hot sauce


Shiro Wot
Ethiopian roasted chickpeas simmered in an onion, green pepper & olive sauce, and prepared in a traditional Ethiopian sizzling clay pot


Gomen Wot
Fresh spinach sauteed with onion, garlic, ginger and jalapeno.


Atkelt Alicha
Fresh cabbage sauteed with slices of potato and carrot


Whole beans cooked with slices of carrot and chef’s spices.


Fuul Musalah
A traditional East african dish, consists of crushed fave beans lightly spiced & topped with feta cheese. falafel & sauted in either sesame oil or traditional Ethiopian butter. Served with bread


Sinnig Karia 
Whole green chili stuffed with a mixture of onion. seasoned tomato & olive oil,


Salad made with tomatoes, green chilies, red onion, fresh lemon juice, made to our own special recipe


Ye’ tsom Be’yaynetu
Mild mixed vegetable sauce, made with cabbage. potato. carrots & chickpeas seasoned with our special sauce